Casino Payment Methods

Players claim theft or fraud if they play bad hands and lose. Many financial institutions will ask you to use a prepaid version of the card services they offer. It requires fees, and it isn’t very private, as you log your card information into the website before you fund the player account.

On the plus side, there are often incentives such as free-play, points, sky-miles, free-spins, and V.I.P. access for cardholders of certain preferred card accounts. Visa, Mastercard, Amex-Bluebird, Discover all have prepaid and debit cards that allow you to play offshore, but you have to read the fine print in your billing plan. However, virtual playing with a credit card as a Canadian with a player account will usually not be allowed outside of Canada.

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What payment methods can be used for gambling

Glad you asked! There are several methods to start funding your player account, and some are practical for large amounts, such as those paid by high-rollers or frequent players. Others are easy for the typical player who invests between $20-$500 C.A.D.

Bank Wires

Bank Wires aren’t the fastest way to fund an account but are the preferred method for sending large amounts. However, it can take up to three days for your funds to appear in your account at the gaming site. Equally slow is the three-plus day wait for your winnings to be wired back to you. However, when you spend a lot of money, casinos and sportsbooks are glad to work with you as gaming is a consumer service business in the entertainment field.

Pay by Phone

Pay by phone; several companies within Canada pay for off-site wagering through a phone app and allow you to add real cash via your cellular bill. Most have to be prepaid, but some function as creditors adding the balance to your cellular plan bill.Boku is categorized as both (cell phone) Carrier Billing and an eWallet, and it’s popular enough to have multiple preferred casinos and bookies. 

The only catch with Boku is you will have to retrieve your winnings via another method, as Boku is not equipped to deposit real money onto your phone bill. You’d rather have the cash anyway.


eCheck is an encrypted, electronic check that authorizes a set amount to be paid directly to the gambling site. It differs a little from wire transfers in that it’s treated as a check, which may mean a few days hold on the money, versus a bank wire, which is treated as cash after proof that the funds are there.


Crypto-currency was limited to Bitcoin, but that’s no longer the case. Etherium, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others will be accepted by multiple Casinos Sportsbooks soon. A decade ago, this was considered risky for all parties. In today’s world, “crypto” is considered a great hedge against the deflation of currency in western countries that devalue their currencies.

App pay

App pay differs from pay by phone because the apps are recognizable as connected to either a cell phone number, email or both, usually by third-party vendors. There are so many of these companies; it’s becoming hard to keep track of how many there are out there. For purposes of discernment, we will focus on apps that are easily accessible to Canadians looking to wager, as well as those that are general-purpose payment systems. 

What’s interesting is how many of these are coming to market every year. Twenty years ago, there were roughly three in the world, and they were primarily financial, real money movement institutions that didn’t want to be banks. Now you have divisions of cellular carriers, cell phone manufacturers, software designers, social media companies, and internet wholesale and retail outlets that also allow you to move currency and wager to your delight! 

Most exchange currencies freely, including the more popular cryptocurrencies, allowing them to operate as both a coin bank and an eWallet. Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller are among the largest brands available to Canadians. Canadian Casinos wrote a 2015 article warning that Neteller doesn’t work for casinos; call the company and ask whether your account will work as we found claims that contradict the article.

Prepaid Credit Cards

Major players such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Diners Club have prepaid cards that allow gambling. Since they make a nice profit moving your money, some offer bonuses, V.I.P. status treatment with perks at participating casinos, and bookies they already have a relationship with. 

The caveat is the limitations placed upon them by various governmental agencies and their citizens. Even though these companies’ losses are covered, they can do little to work around legal restrictions in your province or any federal restrictions on gambling.

Debit Cards

Debit Cards act similar to an electronic check as they are connected directly to your bank account. Most people will use a checking account, but some use a debit card that also transfers money to and from a savings account. There will usually be some sort of usage fee for withdrawals taken from ATMs that aren’t within the bank’s network. 

There can sometimes be fees for usage directly charged by the firm you are wagering with, but that isn’t usually the case. Most iGaming companies factor in their merchant service processing costs into their cost structure and probability of winning when playing. Unlike prepaid cards, these transactions don’t affect your credit report, and they’re certainly attached to some form of a bank account.

These days, it’s equally as easy to open a prepaid card account that comes with its own bank account if you don’t want to connect to your personal one.

Intermediate Cards and Accounts

Intermediate Cards and Accounts are the best way to gamble anonymously. Despite charging small fees, they’re usually the easiest to deal with. Be aware, some cards will limit your actions to spending money in your own host country. The regulations and stipulations vary from year to year and region to region. 

Check before making an assumption. It’s quite common for those who are legitimate wagerers to find they didn’t successfully fund their gaming wallet from the eWallet or eCard because the company either can’t lawfully exchange with a company outside of their jurisdiction, or they chose not to due to their risk management strategy. 

Be aware that a famous American brand that started with eBay is notorious for doing this, so read the rules on their website in advance. Another important thing is that some companies not specifically tailored for playing may hold the transfer for a few days before moving the money to your intended receiver, which could delay your play! 

These systems are highly competitive and profitable. As such, they’re constantly evolving and consolidating. Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay are among the biggest apps that do this, and you may already have an account with them. They’re accepted worldwide.

Unusual Things That Could Cause Headaches

Always read the fine print to learn what transactions your bank account, bank cards, local and federal regulations will allow. Don’t feel overwhelmed; you’re in Canada, and our regulations compared to other countries like Norway or China are much easier to deal with. While China certainly permits and even encourages gambling in certain regions, they aren’t fond of you colouring outside the established lines, and they watch everything you do.

Norway won’t even allow land-based Casinos or Sportsbooks, except for state-run kiosks that allow some horse racing, lotteries, and a few other games. Norway’s banking regulations reflect this attitude, and their credit card use would be described in one word: denied! Access your bank card’s website and read their rules to see what they allow. Some will permit you to use the card and fund your gaming within Canada, but it probably can’t be done outside of the country.

Most early online players remember an era when, other than Netspend, Paypal, eCheck as well as bank wire, your choices were limited to funding your gaming fun in the country you lived in. They were funded via some form of obfuscation setup run by the sportsbook or casino which was located in another country but billed elsewhere as something other than gambling.  This is known as fraud, and we advise you to stay away from this behaviour as it could cause your assets to be frozen or your account to be closed.

Companies That Will Take Good Care Of You

As a Canadian in 2024, according to Canadian Casinos, your banking establishments that permit gambling withdrawals and deposits to and from their accounts and cards are mainly:

If you’re using Instadebit, you can also include Desjardins Bank, President’s Choice Financial, and HSBC. Those banks will allow you to utilize this service as an intermediary. Instadebit says right on its landing page that it isn’t an eWallet. While it easily allows transactions between your bank account and a merchant, it can’t be funded directly in and of itself. 

However, it can easily return winnings to your bank account after the required processing time has passed. If you’re using iDebit, it works the same as Instadebit, but another additional large bank called Simplii Financial will send and receive funds from iDebit.

Skrill is another highly effective pay source that’s equally as pleasant to gaming as other methods. Unlike Paypal, they’re less likely to interfere with a transaction. Although chartered in the United Kingdom, it has taken over where its parent company Paysafe pulled away from the market. 

It’s easy to deal with for online purchases, brick and mortar sales and, of course, gaming! In an article published back in 2017, Pokernews noted that despite Skrill charging a Bank Transfer fee of $3.95 U.S.D. and Paypal not charging for the same service, Skrill is a better deal for the customer due to lower rates on their credit cards, as well as ancillary fees charged by Paypal. Also, having your transaction declined by Paypal for a “guidelines issue” isn’t something you want to encounter. Apple Pay is widely available in Canada. 

Many iGaming magazines recommend it as a good source to fund just about anything that isn’t a large purchase, such as a house or vehicle. It links to almost any Canadian or American Bank in existence. Google Pay is accepted worldwide and even works on iPhones in direct competition to Google’s Android Phone. Most banks in North America can successfully link to it to deposit and withdraw funds. Samsung Pay is becoming more popular but is lesser known at this time.


We’d choose one of the specifically designed intermediate apps or eWallets that allows two-way money transfer for all but the largest real money transfers.
We’d go with either an eCheck, a bank wire, or a Debit Card, as there are very large limits to the amounts you can move. Adding an additional intermediary account isn’t a bad idea. You could pre-fund an eWallet with a large amount before it’s needed to avoid delays in playing your hands.
Instead, you could choose a Carrier Billing Company to handle the money. Just have some other method to receive the winnings if you have a good day gambling. An actual paper check from the establishment you won in will be sufficient. There are other ways as well to receive your winnings!