Finding the Best Online Casino Bonuses in Canada

If you’re looking to find online casino bonuses, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the various options. Online casinos’ marketing targets new players and encourages loyal customers to bet at their casinos. With hundreds of online casinos, there are thousands of casino bonuses.

To find the best bonuses depends on the type of player you are and the types of games you want to play. For new online gamblers, bonuses that give you free plays may be the best option. These bonuses will allow you to sample various casinos and different types of games.

There are also plenty of bonuses for long-time and experienced online gamblers. Bonuses that will appeal to these players include high roller bonuses and reload bonuses.

This article will list and explain the most popular bonuses that online Canadian casinos offer. After reading, you’ll know which bonuses better suit you and your style of play. It’ll also make you a more informed consumer when it comes to online casino bonuses.

Last updated:

up to $200

+200 Free Spins

Last updated:

up to C$2,550

+100 Free Spins

Last updated:

250% up to €1,000

+125 Free Spins

Last updated:

100% up to C$250

Last updated:

up to €1,000

+150 Free Spins

Last updated:

250% up to €1,000

+125 Free Spins

Last updated:

100% up to €100

Last updated:

up to $5,500

Last updated:

50% up to C$1,500

Types of Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions encourage new players to try various online casinos and seek to make loyal customers out of veteran players. Although there may be limits on how often a particular online casino allows you to use bonuses, there’s no limit on how many casinos you can play at. Players can register at various casinos to enjoy the many different kinds of bonuses casinos offer.

Canadians gambling online should be familiar with casino bonuses and which ones better fit their style of play.  The player also needs to read the terms and conditions on the casino's website and understand the requirements for betting and cashing out the winnings during bonus play.

This article will break the types of online casino bonuses up into the kind of players using them. Most of the bonuses used by new or established players in this list simplify types of online bonuses for Canadian players.

New Player Bonuses

Online casinos are always looking for ways to bring in new players. Marketing teams implement strategies to do just that. Those new to online gambling may not know which type of games they want to play. Entertainment is a crucial element to why people play, so it’s suitable for players to have the option to try out various online games to find out which one better suits them.

Here is a list of some new player bonuses:

  • Casino Welcome Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Play Bonus

Casino welcome bonuses give new players extra cash to register and make their first deposits at a particular online casino. Welcome bonuses are an incentive from the casino to attract new players. As with all of these bonuses, it’s essential to know each casino bonus’s pros and cons. Welcome bonuses provide entertainment value, extra cash, and a challenge for players to cash out with higher earnings. There are also wagering requirements to be aware of, for example, once you claim the bonus, you won't be able to stop and cash out and you’ll be locked in until you meet the wagering requirement.

No deposit bonuses attract new players by giving them real money for gambling. There are usually high wagering requirements or a max win clause with this bonus. This online casino offer bonus is limited to one player per account.  Casinos can track IP addresses and which computers set up accounts so that one player can’t make multiple accounts. But nothing is stopping you from registering at other online casinos to take advantage of this bonus.

Free play bonuses are good for new players because they let you test the online casino at no risk. But there are restrictions. Free play bonuses may have a time limit on how long you can play or a limited number of plays. If the casino gives you CAD 500, you’ll only be able to cash out what you win. The rest will go back to the casino. During free play, casinos may limit which games you can play or how much you can bet. 

With all of these bonuses, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions.

Returning Players

Returning players will also be able to take advantage of casinos’ bonuses. If it’s suitable for online casinos to have new players, loyal customers are just as important. These bonuses aren't exclusive to returning players but will appeal to them.

  • Reload Bonuses
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Packages

Reload bonuses are one of the easiest ways for online casinos to keep loyal customers. This bonus rewards returning players by giving them extra plays when they make new deposits into their online accounts. The casinos offer these on holidays, birthdays, or on the anniversary of when a player first created an account. There can be requirements to these bonuses like wagering requirements, max bet limits, and even win limits.

Free spin bonuses are rewards for both new and old players. This bonus is exclusive to online slot games. You can get this bonus by making additional deposits, signing up, and playing new games. The winnings from free spins have some of the same requirements as other bonuses, so be sure to read the fine print.

Bonus packages are an opportunity to get more extra cash without having to deposit all of the money at once. A player can deposit money over some time. You’ll also have the chance to win back your losses on multiple attempts if the first session doesn't go well. Bonus packages give you thousands of dollars of extra gambling money and hundreds of free spins, depending on the casino's various package options.

VIP Players

Casinos are always looking for players who are willing to spend large amounts of money at their establishment, and online casinos are no different. Online casinos will often try to attract and keep VIP players and will often succeed. Some bonuses are geared toward them. Casinos may even reach out to the VIPs to offer them bonuses to play at their casinos. If the casino asks to chat, reach out and see what they have to offer.

  • High Roller Bonus
  • Exclusive Bonus
  • Cash Back Bonus

Not every online casino gives out high roller bonuses. These online casino bonuses are given out by casinos that are well established and cater to high rollers. Casinos award a high roller bonus when large sums of money are deposited into an online account. The winnings are larger amounts, and there are lower match percentages, which encourage more spending.

Exclusive bonuses are rewards and bonus codes typically given out by a third party who is affiliated with the promoting online casino. Exclusive bonuses are listed under the VIP section because the third party can target the online casino's high rollers offering exclusive bonuses. These bonuses can be various, so be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Cashback bonuses help retain players. They give you a certain percentage back even after you lose. The percentage is calculated based on the player's losses during a certain timeframe or a particular deposit. This bonus is a marketing tool used to get people to play a specific game, on a specific day of the week, during happy hour, or by playerstatus. Some online casinos require players to reach a VIP status to enjoy the cashback bonus.


The best thing to do when trying to figure out what bonus is best for you is to do your research and read the terms and conditions. This will allow you to know which bonuses meet your game requirements. If you don't like playing online slots, then free spin bonuses won't benefit you. If you’re a new player, use bonuses that allow you to try out various games for free.

The casino bonus you choose should also be for the online casino that you want to play. Ensure that the casino's RTP is high and that you can access your winnings in your location. Bonuses are fun, and everyone likes free money and plays.
Bonus money generally has individual requirements to ensure that the player doesn't cash out without playing first. You may be required to play for a certain amount of time before your winnings will be accessible. You may have to bet a certain amount of bonus money also. The restrictions are listed in the terms and conditions, so read those carefully. If you violate these rules, you can be penalized by the online casino in various ways.
The bonus is an incentive to bring in new players and to keep existing players. There are thousands of online casinos competing for the same players. Online casino bonuses are used to attract players. Do your homework, research the different types of bonuses offered, and pick those that best suit you.
The short answer is yes. Casino bonuses are designed for a wide variety of players. Some bonuses are specifically for new players and only granted when new accounts are set up. If you have been playing at a particular online casino for some time, you can register at a new casino to enjoy new player bonuses. There are limits on one player having one account at an online casino, but you can play at multiple casinos.

Established players and VIP players have specific bonuses offered to them that new players won't have. The list above will help you determine the type of bonuses and which ones are eligible for you.
Players can find bonus codes on websites such as this one. New and old players are offered to use when creating their account or depositing money at the online casino. Top Canadian online casinos give special bonuses to their new players when specific codes are used.

Be sure to reach out to the online casino’s customer service if you’re having trouble locating these codes. Some bonuses can’t be accessed without a bonus code, especially if it’s an exclusive bonus offer.
There are some bonuses, like no deposit bonuses, that allow you to play without making an initial deposit, but there are restrictions. The online casino isn't looking to lose money. They may give you an incentive to play at their casino, but more often than not, you’ll be required to make an additional deposit to be able to withdraw your winnings.

As stated above, be sure to read the terms and conditions of any bonuses and awards. You may find out that the restrictions for the bonus aren't worth the hassle. But if you keep in mind having fun and enjoying the bonuses' entertainment value, you should still have a good time.