Bitcoin Casinos

A bitcoin is virtual money, in a nutshell. Other terms that the name can be associated with are cryptocurrency, digital currency, and virtual currency. The bitcoin can be sent or bought as an entire unit of one bitcoin, or it can be purchased as parts of the coin. Digital wallets are used as a form of transaction, and you can also send it to others.


Bitcoin casinos are online gambling platforms that run games and lotteries that deal primarily with the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Last updated:

up to $200

+200 Free Spins

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up to C$2,550

+100 Free Spins

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250% up to €1,000

+125 Free Spins

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100% up to C$250

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up to €1,000

+150 Free Spins

Last updated:

250% up to €1,000

+125 Free Spins

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Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos have become more popular because of how less complicated they are with their regulations than the more traditional online casinos, and it has now become the new solution to casinos that experience regulatory issues. For this reason, bitcoin has become very risky to invest in due to sites not playing fair in terms of being provably fair.

Where to Begin

It's essential to do your thorough homework to understand what you’re doing, how to go about everything, what to look out for, and how best to maximise the opportunity. Starting may seem easy, but knowledge is needed in understanding where to begin with bitcoin gambling sites.

What You’ll Need

To begin gambling on a bitcoin casino site, you’ll need the following:

  • A bitcoin exchange account to buy, sell, and hold the cryptocurrency
  • An ID document
  • Internet connection
  • A method of payment in the form of a bank account, debit card, or credit card
Steps to Follow
  1. Create the exchange account
  2. Connect the exchange account to your chosen payment method
  3. Buy the bitcoin or cryptocurrency by placing an order

Bitcoin Gambling


The following terms need to be familiar to any BTC gambler as they pop up from time to time.

Provably Fair

This feature is an essential element to look out for when looking for a reliable and credible online casino. Since online casinos are operated online, casinos can have gambling systems to ensure that "the house always wins," which gives casinos an unfair advantage when it comes to players. A casino being provably fair means that gambling results are purely random, allowing fair play for both the casino and the player.


BTC is a shortened term for bitcoin.


Blockchain is an online dashboard that records bitcoin activity.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are bonuses that players must play a certain number of times before being eligible for withdrawal. 

What You’re Introduced to

The bitcoin gambling world offers many luring offers to keep players coming back and entertained. These are some of the features that make BTC casinos some of the best in the world.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are usually calculated as a percentage. BTC bonuses are very tempting, especially with some sites offering exclusive bonuses of up to 200%. It's essential to be aware of the wagering requirements involved and know when you'll be eligible for a withdrawal.

Free Spins

As with your traditional online casinos, free spins on bitcoin casinos are also a great way to attract and welcome players into joining a casino. With fantastic offers of up to 250 free spins, who wouldn't want to take advantage of that?


BTC casino games are no different from online casino games, and it's essential to always ensure that provably fair games are offered. However, you can still enjoy your slot games, dice games, and card games. BTC games include:

Slot games
Dice games

What Good BTC Casinos Are Rated on

When researching some of the best online bitcoin casinos established, there are specific criteria that reviewers look into. These include:

  • Being provably fair
  • Being regulated by the government 
  • High-quality games and variety to choose from
  • Whether or not the casino takes different currencies
  • Offers safe and secure deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Has customer support that’s fast and easy to access, such as on social media, online chat, and email
  • Sign-up bonuses

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Bitcoin transactions are known to be very fast and easy to transact with , when it comes to the world of BTC casinos. In comparison to transacting with fiat currencies, bitcoin is virtual. Still, it's always highly recommended to store bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet after activity instead of leaving cryptocurrencies in virtual casino accounts.

Upswings and Downswings to Bitcoin Gambling

  • Since bitcoin casinos are more recently established in comparison to traditional online casinos, BTC casinos offer mobile compatibility
  • Players can gamble safely and privately by playing anonymously without their activity being identified even on the BTC blockchain
  • BTC transactions don't charge fees
  • Bitcoins can’t be stolen, they operate globally, and you have full control over them
  • BTC casinos offer provably fair games
  • Bigger winnings are offered
  • There are no legal restrictions or tax issues involved
  • The BTC gambling market has fewer regulations
  • Sites can hide their identities, making accountability an issue
  • Gambling licenses aren’t official for these types of casinos

Bitcoins seem to have a double side to them in appealing to the formal type through investments and always catering to the players who love a bit of fun. Whether it's the boardroom or the casino, bitcoin gambling will be worth your while.


Some gambling sites will have a licence, which viewers can find at the site's bottom page. Not all bodies are fully involved in taking action in the event of something going wrong, so ensuring that the body concerned is highly recommended and credible.
Yes, it's legal. Ensure that you invest your funds in incredible and reviewed sites at all times.
Yes, you can. Bitcoin casinos do allow free playing through free spins, no deposit bonuses, and free play money.